Shaking Jacqueline Jossa had tears in her eyes as she nervously awaited her first Bushtucker Trial – but what came next stunned I’m A Celebrity viewers.

Concerned viewers predicted she would instantly quit and be the first to yell out the famous words: “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”

All five of the Snake Rock campmates headed to the trial clearing – where Ant and Dec explained they would put their head into a clear Perspex helmet and their hands into a box.

Viewers had been voting for which critters would join them – and nervous Jacqueline said: “I feel like this is too soon to cry but I’m going to cry.”

Jacqueline had tears in her eyes as she anxiously watched all of her campmates face their fears.

Finally it was time for Jacqueline to take her turn and she was shaking as she approached the boxes.

It was the worst possible choice as the ex-EastEnders’ biggest fear is spiders – and Caitlyn Jenner warned nothing would hurt her.

She closed her eyes and took deep breathes as the rangers dumped the spiders into her helmet and hand box.

But to everyone’s surprise, brave Jacqueline nimbly unscrewed first one star, and then a second in double quick time.

The victorious campmate received hugs as she triumphantly returned to her seat and burst into tears.

Not only did Jacqueline complete the task, but she managed to beat everyone else and did it in the quickest time.

Jacqueline’s two stars meant that the celebrities won a total of seven stars, therefore seven meals for camp.

Taking to Twitter to praise Jacqueline, one fan said: “Hats off to Jacqueline Jossa there. Think half the country just wanted to give the traumatised lass a hug.”

“Why am I crying at I’m a celeb???? Watching Jacqueline smash that challenge and I’m crying like a baba,” added another.

A third said: “I’m so proud of jacqueline for getting both the stars and facing her fears”

“Wow. Jacqueline was amazing. Love her even more than I did before! I couldn’t have done that!,” said a fourth.

Most of her fellow campmates struggled to unscrew the stars while trying to deal with the critters.

James struggled to release his second star while rats scrambled around the box – and Dec joked: “It’s tough for us big guys.”

Comedian Andrew made some bizarre groaning noises as cockroaches were poured in and also managed one star.

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Caitlyn had jungle pythons in with her – and after some struggle managed to get the second star free.

“And I have to say is Bush Tucker Trials are Olympics, that was gold medal standard,” said Ant.

Ian was scared of the scorpions but managed to get one star as well as the other boys.

* I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! airs on ITV at 9pm